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25-Yard Gypsy Tribal Belly Dance Skirt

Twenty-five (25) yard cotton gypsy belly dance skirt is available in a multitude of solid and 2-tone color combinations.

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Belly Dance Gypsy Brocade Costume Skirt Brocade Gypsy Belly Dance Skirt

Brocade gypsy belly dance skirt for costume, casual and evening wear. Soft fabric has trim accents, pattern and embroidered details. Purple, black, and white. One size.

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Rayon Gypsy Skirt Lace Ribbons Beaded Accents Rayon Gypsy Skirt with Lace Ribbons and Beaded Accents

For your belly dance or medieval costume, this beautiful gypsy skirt has a handkerchief hem and is embellished with lace, ribbons and beads for a dramatic flair. Black, white, and burgundy. One size.

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Rayon Ruffle Stone-Wash Gypsy Skirt Ruffled Stone-Wash Brocade Six Tier Gypsy Skirt

Beautiful 7-tier, long length gypsy skirt is wonderful for belly dance, medieval and renaissance gypsy costumes. Blue, black, red, moss green, purple, and white.

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Belly Dance Cotton 7-yard Gypsy Skirt Seven (7) Yard Cotton Gypsy Belly Dance Skirt

Beautiful seven (7) yard cotton gypsy skirt for your belly dance costumes and as a wonderful skirt layer for medieval, renaissance, and peasant gypsy costume, as well as casual wear. Black, purple, red, turquoise, and white.

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Tribal belly dance and cotton gypsy skirts in many colors and yardages. Versatile gypsy skirts with ribbons, ruffles, lace, and beautiful brocade fabric to make a first-class impression. The long lengths are perfect for belly dance costumes, medieval gypsy outfits, casual wearing on a beautiful sunny day or a special night on the town! Layer with your favorite accessories to create your individually, unique costume or make a bohemian fashion statement.