Chiffon Belly Dancing Skirts

Select your costume foundation piece from these beautiful and versatile chiffon belly dancing skirts. Chiffon is great for all genres of belly dance and can be dressed up, down, layered and individualized in countless ways. Peruse the many styles and vibrant colors.

The Chiffon 3-panel skirts are great for layering and to show off a bit of leg and lovely kicks. The 3-tiered chiffon skirt is elegant on its own with color-matched sequin edging on each asymmetrical layer. AND you can never go wrong with black chiffon, especially if it's this lovely black chiffon belly dance skirt with multi-color mukesh metalllics accents. This skirt is superb for a dramatic belly dance costume and is a beautiful skirt for dressy and out-on-the town occasions.

Mix, match, and pair these chiffon skirts with our coordinating chiffon tops, chiffon belly dance veils, and chiffon hip scarves and accessories.

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