Belly Dance Resources / Shopping Recommendations


Yasmina's Joy of Belly Dancing. Based in Mesa, Arizona, Yasmina is a professional dancer, instructor, and connoisseur of all things related to belly dance. Please visit her website, Yasmina's Joy of Belly Dancing, and delve into the treasure trove of information that is available for your perusal. Yasmina has created an invaluable resource jam-packed full of information for dancers of all skills levels. Topics range from dance technique, tips, and instruction, costuming ideas, music/video references and reviews, and links to video clips, just to name a few offerings. You will find yourself returning again and again!

Datura Online Belly Dance Classes. Subscription based online belly dance instruction featuring Rachel Brice, Sedona Soulfire, Ashley Lopez, Colette Todorov and more. Datura has offerings for belly dancers of all skill levels and spans all genres. Choose instruction by dance style, topics, skill level and duration. It's awesome. Check it out today.


Kathleen invites you to visit the following storefronts that she has established:

Tater Cat Designs.  Offering cat-themed products that are printed and shipped to you by  Gifts, home accessories, stationery, games and more.  Visit the storefront today.

T C Designs.  Offering an eclectic mix of images and useful products.  Gifts, handbags, clutches, phone cases, home accessories, stationery, games and more.  Visit the storefront today.

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