Kicking video and song from Unmata

I've never blogged, so bear with me while I learn how to do this.  Here's the first entry:

I was cleaning out my Facebook page and come across this Unmata video I really love from a few years back.  The song is "Gypsy" by Kan'nal.  The song kicks butt, uplifting, energizing, emotional. ADDICTIVE!  I cannot express how much I love this song.  Here's a link to the entire album at Amazon. Dreamwalker by Kan'nal 

I also love Unmata's choreography, especially the intro.  I created a solo choreo with bits and pieces borrowed and personal elements thrown in.  Kind of cool.  I was actually pretty pleased, which is saying something since I'm a huge personal critic.  Duh, at the time I could not figure out the technology to slow down the song for practice so I just started slow using a metronome (no music, just movement, and me humming along) and built up from there with the footwork and body speed.  It was a vigorous workout but oh so fulfilling.

Give it a whirl and see what you can come up with.  Unmata dancing to Kan'nal, "Gypsy".

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